About Us

Unilove was started by two young parents who wanted to solve the challenges they faced while raising their children. After researching for a decade, they successfully turned this passion into reality and Unilove was born.

Unilove is the combination of the words "Unique" and "Love". We believe that every Love is Unique, especially the Love that each parent has toward their children, and that every modern family has a Unique Love that binds them together. 

Our mission: Through innovative and modern products which improve and simplify the parenting journey, Unilove supports the Unique Love between parents and children and the Unique Love of the modern family.

Our Vision: All parents, children and families live Unique Love.

Our Journey (so far): We launched our first product, HugMe Plus in Sep. 2019. Parents and children loved this product. In May 2020 we launched the FeedMe Booster and had the same loving response. Now we are working hard on the next Unique and Loving products to support Unique Love!